THE NAKED LEADING THE BLIND, a short film by Wim Vanacker (Belgium)

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Super high beautiful !!! 14 magnificent shorts distributed by Mailuki Films have been selected to participate at the VIII Annual Muestra de Cortometrajes San Rafael (Islas Canarias, Spain) - ROTOS, by Roberto Pérez Toledo - 2OS & NÁUFRAGOS, both by Mario Rico - CURVAS, by David Galán Galindo - MANUAL FOR BORED GIRLS, by Jesus Plaza - MASK, MY GREEN PENCIL & ONCE UPON A TIME IN EARTH, all by Fayaz Bahram (Iran) - ATRAPADO, by Rishi Daswani & Iván López - FUNNY WEBCAM EFFECTS & PALITO, both by Néstor Fernández - LA PEQUEÑA VEDETTE, by Sheila Avellaneda - SPLASH, by Herminio Cardiel - FREUD, by Federico Calabuig We know it will be a great an unforgettable edition. Let's start !!!

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