THE NAKED LEADING THE BLIND, a short film by Wim Vanacker (Belgium)

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

   Mailuki Films distributes a new short film titled "Reflex" by Andra Chiriac (Romania)
   An embittered photographer earns his living by spying on the personal lives of celebrities for a local tabloid.
   While shadowing a soap opera star, he witnesses a private scene that makes him choose between his job and his conscience.

Mailuki Films distributes a new short film titled "La terra sopra di noi" by Cristian Scardigno (Italy).
Cisterna di Littoria, January 22nd 1944. To escape the bombing, Francesca flees with her mother and hundreds of other people to shelter in caves located tens of metres below the ground. There they will spend endless days of fear, pain and hope.

Mailuki Films distributes a new short film titled "Once upon a time in earth" by the young talented filmmker Fayaz Bahram (Iran)

Developing human civilization is often regardless of nature and damages it. 
The nature is an inseparable part of our lives and destroying it will destroy ourselves.

An amazing work.
Official Selection for the short documentary titled "Premiere" by Ander Duque & Bernabé Rico, at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival (California, USA)

Remember, a short documentary shot by an iPhone telephone.

viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

"15 Summers Later" by Pedro Collantes, backs in Germany. Gets Official Selection at the International Short Film Festival of the 25th Stuttgarter Filmwinter.

Pedro Collantes vuelve a Alemania. Obtiene una nueva Selección Oficial para su ópera prima "15 Summers Later" en el International Short Film Festival de la 25Edición del Stuttgarter Filmwinter.