THE NAKED LEADING THE BLIND, a short film by Wim Vanacker (Belgium)

lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Super high beautiful !!! 16 magnificent shorts distributed by Mailuki Films will participate at the very unmissable Queens World Film Festival (New York, USA) - ELLA Y EL ESPEJO, by Héctor Domínguez-viguera - DRAMOTICON, by Jens Vandendriessche (Belgium) - MY GREEN PENCIL, by Fayaz Bahram (Iran) - POLLICINO, by Cristiano Anania (Italy) - ANIMAL WITHIN, by Jaime Fidalgo (México) - AL FINAL DEL DÍA, by Álvaro García - TRES EN UN CUARTO & FREUD, both by Federico Calabuig - NÁUFRAGOS, by Mario Rico - SONATA, by Jon Ander Tomás - SPLASH, by Herminio Cardiel - ELLAS, by Vanessa Batista - UH LA LA! by Isaí Escalada & Carlos G Velasco, - LA PEQUEÑA VEDETTE, by Sheila Avellaneda - SUICIDIO LAMPREA, la balada de Simón, by Guillermo Arias-Carbajal - CURVAS, by David Galán Galindo - ATRAPADO, by Rishi Daswani & Iván López We know it will be a great and unforgettable edition.

Héctor Domínguez-viguera is getting so excited for the World Premiere of ELLA Y EL ESPEJO. He will participate at the Queens World Film Festival (New York, USA) You know... like no other.

The young european filmmaker Jon Ander Tomás is just ready for the World Premiere of his last short titled SONATA. You know, He will participate at the Queens World Film Festival (New York) This week, we also have received a second Official Selection in USA and SONATA will participate at the Other Venice Film Festival (California) at the end of Summer. But before, in the beginning of the Spring.... we will publish the Asia Premiere. Absolutely fantastic news. Follow us !!!