THE NAKED LEADING THE BLIND, a short film by Wim Vanacker (Belgium)

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

"15 Summers Later" by Pedro Collantes. Everyone needs time to heal and regain balance – some longer than others.

It’s a fine and warm sunny day at a beach in the Trondheim’s fjord.

LAILA and AKSEL, a couple in their late twenties, enjoy the

opportunity to relax and unwind near the sea.

HALVARD, an old classmate of Laila’s, happens to be having a walk

at the very same place. Although it has been twelve years since they

last saw each other, HALVARD seems to recall much more vivid

memories than does LAILA

Yes, It is "15 Summers later", a short film by Pedro Collantes.

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